Kevin Eaton, PhD

Technology Leader, Non-Profit Founder, PhD, Chaplain, Geek

Military Experience

I have over 20 years of Military Experience in the US Army. I am a Lifetime Member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and a combat veteran.

Rank/MOS/Status: LTC, 56A, TPU/USAR

Total Years of Service: 20+ Years

Professional Military Education

Awards and Decorations

Foreign Awards

Reverse Chronological Lists of Duty Assignments

Division Chaplain

Brigade Chaplain, Task Force Guardian OIC

Task Force Chaplain, Operation: ALLIES WELCOME

Brigade Chaplain, Task Force Guardian OIC (2021)

Theater Gateway Chaplain

Brigade Chaplain

Battalion Chaplain

Chaplain Candidate

Administrative Support NCO

Team Leader / Squad Leader / Administrative Support NCO - Deployed

Administrative Support NCO

Signal Support Systems Specialist