Kevin Eaton, PhD

Technology Leader, Non-Profit Founder, PhD, Chaplain, Geek

Kevin Eaton, PhD


My name is Kevin Eaton, and I am a proud geek, father, husband, software engineering leader, entrepreneur, and Army officer. I am a Chief Software Architect in my current position with over 20 years of professional experience, specializing in Go, NodeJS, Typescript / Javascript, React, Svelte, PHP, Elixir, Python, Machine Learning, DevOps, and mobile development. I currently operate at the executive architect level and lead a diverse team of engineers. Additionally, I teach Software Engineering, Server Administration, Cybersecurity, and Ethics at the university level. I love designing strong, reliable, and high quality software that solves real-world problems.

I am also an ordained minister, serving the U.S. Army Reserve as a Division Chaplain.

My favorite hobbies include Taekwondo gaming, programming, and running.